You are new and familiar

your warmth and your light

feel like home.

I think I’ll stay – I want to.

Cozy up in your voice

watch your mouth move

trace the contours of your face.

As you speak

my soul listens.

And maybe

and probably

I’ll fall in love with this.





How lucky are we

To live in a world

Where everything is everything

And you

You are infinite

Bound only by your beliefs

Free to explore

And break

And grow

And love

And dream

In all different directions

Exactly as your heart desires

Until you decide

It’s enough


And in this moment

I could fly

My heart sings a song

As beautiful as the first note ever created

A song of trial

Of tribulation

Of vindication and strength

My tears flow freely

Sweet as milk and honey

A reward for enduring the night

A clear path

Lit by the warmth of the sun

Paved with the stories of my soul