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Spelunking Solo 

Emotionally unavailable 

You wrap around my mind

Flirting with disaster

Falling deeper

Falling faster

Falling deeper for another

For whom I am “the other”

There’s no possible way

That I can settle for this

So we’ve hit rock bottom

And I’ve started to dig. 

I suppose I’ll be proceeding alone. 


It’s time 

It’s fine

Moving forward 

Moving back

I spin in your dizzying light

Never again

It’s time to make a change

See you for the first time

As I walk away

A coward 

Manipulative, careless heart

Armed with a mirror

To show us that we’re at fault

How we don’t play by your rules 

The world’s souls may be the problem 

But fear not, my sweet 

Soon it shall be one less