Where I started

Another wrong turn

Vicious circle 

Sickness of familiarity 

Back to where I started.

A conversation, guarded

Words balanced on the edge

Trigger happy



Regretted exchange 

Body Heated

Back to where I started.

Don’t worry my little star

It’s of my own doing 

I may be lost

But I’ve been here before.



A human

A heart of fool’s gold

I open in earnest,  I express, and I trust

An unearned guilty conscience

Suspicious of my own reflection

A body of contradiction


There’s nothing left to know

But you don’t understand

Nothing left to show

And you still can’t see me

Blue in the face for nothing

Yet you define me


Trapped in the details

Endless words left hanging

Thickening the air

It’s impossible to breathe in here

I care more than you’ll ever know

Though I am more than what I seem

I always seem to be what you say